The draft programme is as follows:

Day 1 (May 25, 2017)

Opening Remarks (9:00 – 9:30): Simon Jackson and Nathan Cardon (University of Birmingham)

Panel 1 (9:30 – 11:00 AM): Building Blocks of Empire: Infrastructures of the Colonial Everyday

  • Chair: Dr. Kate Skinner (University of Birmingham)
  • Samiksha Sherawat (University of Newcastle), “Colonial Medicine in Colonial South Asia: Hospitals as the Site of Imperial Power and Everyday Resistance”
  • John Hennessey (Linnaeus University), “American Advisors, Ainu ‘Artefacts’ and Japanese Settler Colonialism in Hokkaidō, 1868-1885”
  • Catriona Ellis (University of Edinburgh), “Children’s Play in Late Colonial India”

Panel 2 (11:30-13:00) Bordering Empire, Crossing Frontiers: Exile, Extraction and Expeditors

  • Chair: Professor Corey Ross (University of Birmingham)
  • James McDougall (Oxford), “The Shape of Exile: Territory, Deportation, and Migration in French Africa”
  • Jasmin Daam (University of Kassel), “Postcard Communication and Spaces of Belonging in the Middle East Mandates”
  • Manjeet Barua (Jawaharlal Nehru University), “The Everyday World of ‘Mathaloo’ in the Frontier Tea Company: Servants, Sahibs, and the Making of a Resource Frontier in Colonial Assam”

Panel 3 (14:30 – 16:00) Factories of the Future: Colonial Occupations, Affect & Economy.

  • Chair: Dr. James West (University of Birmingham)
  • Artemy Kalinovsky (University of Amsterdam), “The Dual Sector Model in Central Asia and Beyond: Industrialization and Its Critics from the 1950s to the 1980s”
  • Justin Jackson (New York University), “Everyday Occupations: The Military Work of American Empire in Early Twentieth-Century Cuba and the Philippines”
  • Mo Moulton (University of Birmingham), “The British Butter Market and the Transformation of Cooperative Creameries, 1890-1930”

Keynote Address (16:30 – 18:00): Professor Daniel Bender (University of Toronto), “Voyage of the Silverash: Around the World into the Heart of Empire

Day 2 (May 26, 2017)

Panel 4 (9:00 – 10:30 AM): Everyday Performance/Performing the Everyday: Exhibitions, Leisure, and Hospitality.

  • Dr. Kate Smith (University of Birmingham)
  • Vernadette Vicuña Gonzalez (University of Hawai’i, Mānoa), “Hospitality and Imperial Welcome”
  • Carmen Gitre (Virginia Tech), “Everyday Empire and the Cairene Coffeehouse Theater”
  • Shahmima Akhtar (University of Birmingham), “Mapping Ireland: Irish Villages in the United States in the 1890s”

Panel 5 (11:00-13:00) Engineering Imperialism, Building Empire

  • Chair: Dr. Saima Nasar (University of Birmingham)
  • Stephen Tufnell (Oxford), “Transimperialism, Inc.: US Expansion and the Making of British Africa”
  • Charles Fawell (University of Chicago), “The Colonial Steamship ‘East of Suez’: Conflict and Collaboration in the In-Between Spaces of Empire, 1880-1918”
  • Ruth Morgan (Ludwig Maximillian University Munich), “‘The Engineer is a Ruler of Men’: Masculinity and Exchange of Engineering Expertise between British India and the Australian Colonies, 1880-1914”
  • Chao Ren (University of Michigan), “Everyday Mobilities: A Trans-Imperial History of the Hand-Pulled Rickshaw, 1870-1930”

Panel 6 (14:30 – 16:00) Plumbing in the Metropole: Time, Memory and the Senses

  • Chair: Dr. Kate Nichols (University of Birmingham)
  • Sarah Ann Frank (University of the Free State), “A Colony in the Metropole? Daily Experiences of French Colonial Soldiers Interned in Vichy France”
  • Michael Talbot (University of Greenwich), “The Filth of the Abode of Felicity: Sewers, Stinks, and the Late Ottoman Empire”
  • Marina Chang (University College London) and Mama D (independent researcher), “Empires of Food, Food Empiricism and the Activist’s Ego”